Looking for a New or Used Car?

Save time and money with our new Car Buying Service that shows you what others paid, so you never overpay.

  • Guaranteed Savings off MSRP on new cars without the need to haggle
  • See upfront dealer prices on used cars
  • Work with prescreened dealers to ensure a better car buying experience

How does it work?

1. Research your vehicle. See what others paid for the car you want.

2. Lock in your savings. Get a Guaranteed Savings Certificate that includes your service savings.

3. Purchase your car. Make sure you first get pre-approved for a PPCU Vehicle Loan to ensure a quick and easy car-buying experience. Then take your Certificate to the Certified Dealer and buy your car!

Click here to visit our Member Showroom and get started.

Postal and Civil Service Employees

PPCU is the only Greater San Francisco area credit union dedicated to serving U.S. Postal and Civil Service employees and their families.

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