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We value the security of your personal information. To be assured that the information you are sharing with us is protected by SSL data encryption, please make certain the web address starts with 'https'. Your browser may also show a 'lock' icon, indicating your information is secure.

Thank you for choosing PPCU. To begin your application please provide the following information. Please note that our Secure Checking account program is $4.95 per month.


Primary Account Holder Information:

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Note: Joint Account Holder must be on the share account to be eligible for overdraft privileges.

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Debit Card:

Upon approval of your Checking Application, you will receive a Debit MasterCard for yourself and a Debit MasterCard for your Joint Owner. NOTE: Joint owner must be listed on both the share and checking accounts.

By submitting this application, you agree to the following Debit Card Terms: I agree, by my use of PPCU's Debit Card service, to be bound by the terms and conditions contained in the Truth In Savings Disclosure. I understand that my PIN # is not to be revealed to anyone, and is to be used only with the Debit Card. I agree that I am responsible for information obtained and all transactions performed with the use of my Debit Card.

Free First Order of Checks

You will receive your first check order with our signature logo design free of charge. Please indicate what information you would like printed on your first set of checks by filling out the following:

Yes, send me my first box of checks free.

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Order of Overdraft Request:

Enter the numbers of the accounts (in the preferred order) from which to transfer funds for overdrafting. Overdraft fees will apply.

Account numbers can be found on your statement.

1st Access Account:
2nd Access Account:
3nd Access Account:

Postal and Civil Service Employees

PPCU is the only Greater San Francisco area credit union dedicated to serving U.S. Postal and Civil Service employees and their families.

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