Please Be Aware! Protect Yourself from Vaccine-related Fraud

You should always be on guard about any unsolicited communication that asks for money or personal information. Unfortunately, scammers are now using the COVID-19 vaccine to steal your cash and your personal data for fraudulent use. Do not let this happen to you! 

The FBI has Warned of Several Vaccine-related Scams Including the Following:

  • Ads offering early access to the vaccine, or a prime spot on a vaccine waitlist when you pay a fee up front. If you encounter a similar request, do not respond! You cannot buy your way to the front of the vaccine line.
  • Another scam involves emails or phone calls from someone claiming to be at a vaccine center, medical office or insurance company and asking for your personal details to see if you are eligible for the vaccine. Do not give any personal information in response to unsolicited inquiries. Legitimate entities will not contact you and ask for such details.

Here Are a Few Recommendations from the FBI to Help Protect Yourself from Thieves

  • Do not buy any kind of vaccine or treatment on the internet or from an online pharmacy. In fact, do not provide payment of any kind for any vaccine-related offer.
  • Do not respond to any solicitations about the vaccine. Scammers are using social media, telemarketing, text messages, email, and even door-to-door visits to reach and scam the public.
  • Do not divulge personal, financial, or medical information – criminals can use this information to fraudulently bill health care programs and commit medical identity theft.
  • Turn to trusted resources such as your doctor or local health department for information on the vaccine, including how it will be administered and when you may have access. You can also visit the online sites for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the FDA’s vaccine web page.

Again, be extra cautious. If you have concerns about whether a situation is valid, ask a trusted family member or call your local police. 

To help law enforcement crack down on these thieves, report any financial fraud including COVID-19-related scams, to the FBI through, or by calling 1-800-CALL-FBI.