Helpful Information About the Economic Impact Payments 

The IRS is now issuing Stimulus Payments as part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES) to eligible individuals. Direct deposit payments have started, and according to the IRS, payments by paper check will begin issuing soon after.

To learn all you need to know about the stimulus payments, including eligibility, requesting and receiving payment and more, you should visit the IRS’s Economic Payment Information Center.

Here are answers to a few frequently-asked questions:

I haven’t received my payment yet - how do I check the status?  
Visit the “Get My Payment” site to confirm the status of your payment. You can also confirm how your payment will be received – either by direct deposit or by check.

Can I have my payment direct deposited into my PPCU account?
If your PPCU account information was included in your 2018 or 2019 tax return, then you should receive your payment by direct deposit into your PPCU account. If not, you can add your direct deposit info by using the “Get My Payment” application if the IRS hasn't yet issued your check. You will need your account number and PPCU routing number.

Expecting a paper check?
Once you receive your payment check, deposit it immediately using mobile deposit, a deposit-taking CO-OP ATM, or at any PPCU branch. Make sure you sign the back of the check and write “For deposit only.”

Do you have more questions?
Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about your Economic Impact Payment, including payment status, bank account information, address changes and more.