Zipline Bank-by-Phone

Your Account at your Fingertips

Access your accounts using a touch-tone phone day or night. It's easy to use and free of charge.

What ZIPLINE Can Do For You:

  • Balance Inquiries - Determine the current and available balance in your shares, checking, certificate, and personal shares.
  • Loan Inquiries - Determine the amount of your current loan payment, its due date, balance, and the payoff amount of your loan.
  • Check Inquiries - Find out if certain checks have cleared your account.
  • Transfers - Transfer money between your shares, checking, and personal accounts. Funds may also be transferred to make loan payments.
  • Check Withdrawals - Withdraw funds via a check made payable to you and mailed to your home address on record.
  • And more - Make loan payments, determine how much interest and dividends you've earned, and change your password to ensure continued security.

To get started, call the ZIPLINE number at (800) 339-4818, and create your own pin number. This will give you immediate “inquiry only” access to your accounts. Once you complete and submit the Online Banking and Zipline Agreement form, you will have full access to your accounts.